Settlement Aptitude: Thousands of Settlement Options in the Palm of Your Hands

If a tool could save one hour of your time and increase your client satisfaction rating, would it be worth your investment? Settlement Aptitude can help you broaden your field of vision in mediation and settlement negotiations by shining the light on the area where the settlement solution resides.

Here is a short parable, from the great book The Three Laws of Success, to help show you how Settlement Aptitude can help you achieve better results.

An old man was walking home late one night when he saw a friend on his knees under a street light, searching for something. “What are you doing?” he asked his friend.

“I dropped the key to my house.”

“I’ll help you look,” said the old man. After a few minutes of frustrated searching, the old man asked, “Where exactly were you when you dropped this key?”

His friend pointed toward the darkness. “Over there.”

“Then why are you looking for it here?”

“Because this is where the light is.”

(Excerpted from  The Three Laws of Performance by Steve Zaffron & Dave Logan)

Much like this parable, in settlement negotiations and mediation, the parties, attorneys and mediator are often times looking in the wrong place for their settlement solution.

This is because settlement negotiations are often focused on how much a defendant will pay to settle the case. This decision is often made without the benefit of the big picture. While the parties focus on the amount being paid, the true solution resides in what proceeds ultimately reach a plaintiff’s pocket, after the fees and costs have been paid. In a sense, the parties are looking for the solution in familiar places, when the solution is hiding in a proverbial dark spot outside their field of vision.

Now imagine, within a matter of seconds, having access to numerous settlement possibilities / variations that  show you the potential settlement amount and how much would ultimately go into the plaintiff’s pocket. When you are able to quickly calculate these numbers and see the variations, the potential for settlement comes into focus.

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When you run the various settlement scenarios, you will be able to see and focus on the big picture and determine the best approach to settlement. You can run variations for settlement possibilities now considering the attorneys’ fees and costs, as well as the impact of increased fees and costs resulting from continued litigation. Settlement Aptitude can make these calculations and provide you with this crucial information, in seconds. This data is going to make you and your clients much more informed and effective, during settlement negotiations. Our product is designed to increase your “Settlement Aptitude.” Make the investment in your and your clients’ success, by increasing your “Settlement Aptitude.”